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An overwhelming amount of unmet needs...

Life changed for so many of our residents in September 2018. Their worlds were turned upside down when Hurricane Florence hit. Though downgraded to a Category I hurricane, the county experienced flooding of unimaginable levels. Please scroll through the photos to get a taste of the impact of Hurricane Florence.



Imagine being displaced from your home for three or more weeks, and  then returning to an inhabitable home with all of your possessions and memorabilia destroyed.   Many of our residents lost jobs, homes, and vehicles to the storm, and are trying to figure out how to rebuild from scratch.

Despite homeowners insurance,  FEMA, and other charity organizations that brought aid, there are still overwhelming unmet needs in our county. Estimate as of August 2020 , there are still over 200 homes that need rebuild assistance.  many families are still living in moldy, wet , unsafe homes, as they have no where else to go.

We need YOU


Your expertise

Whether you have construction experience or just wish to learn, your community needs your help.  If you can donate an hour a week, or a day a month, you generosity will be greatly appreciated.   Please contact us if you have the time to get involved in our community. We are currently seeking volunteers for:

Pender Helping Pender - we are seeking volunteers willing to work with our partners to help rebuild Pender resident homes.  You may end up assisting your neighbor or your best friend's grandmother.  Please contact Michelle Green at 910-803-1150 to sign up to help your community now or go to , search for Pender LTRG and fill out a volunteer form to be contacted.

Construction volunteers to participate in the Repair Affair Event sponsored by the New Hanover Disaster Coalition.  This event will be held on November 5th - 7th, 2020.  The goal is to complete multiple disaster rebuild projects in the tri-county area (Pender, New Hanover, Brunsick).  Please go to, search for New Hanover Disaster Coalition and choose "Repair Affair" under volunteer opportunities.

Physical Donations

 Unsolicited physical donations require supporting agencies and impacted communities to take staff and volunteers away from providing direct assistance to survivors to sort, package, transport, warehouse, and distribute items that may not meet the needs of our survivors. If you have already collected items, please consider donating them to a non profit organization in your community that accepts in kind donations.


At this time our main needs include like new household goods and furniture. If you have a quantity of a specific item, such as sheet rock, that you wish to donate, please fill out our donation form



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