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The Pender LTRG is a long term recovery group that formed as the result of Hurricane Florence. This group is composed of non profits, faith based organizations, and charitable organizations who work in union to meet the unmet needs of Pender County Residents impacted by disaster. The Pender LTRG works in collaboration with other organizations to assess needs, offer resources, and ensure that residents are assisted after all of their personal insurance, SBA loans, and FEMA assistance have been exhausted.

We serve residents respectfully without discrimination based upon marital status, race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, language, disability, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other basis

Mission Statement: The Pender County Long Term Recovery Group (PCLTRG) coordinates equitable distribution of resources and recovery services for those of Pender County affected by disasters.


Our Long Term Recovery Group focuses on RECOVERY and RESILIENCE

Recovery : We provide resources for our county to help with rebuilding their lives after Hurricane Florence through


Education: We strive to educate individuals of not only the process of rebuilding, but education to learn all of the options for rebuilding or relocating. We do this through linking to resources and case management

Resources: We link you to resources for anything you and your family may need, including but not limited to food, housing, medical, mental health, and more.

Case Management: The idea of rebuilding can be emotionally overwhelming and exhausting, and we are there to help be a supportive ear, as well as help you learn resources, and walk you through the process.

Hope: We strive to provide hope for our county. Not only hope that we can all return to our post disaster lives, but hope that we can become a community even stronger and better than before. We acknowledge that recovery can be a long (often years long process!), and we will be there until the last family is assisted.

Resilience: We strive to work with organizations and projects that help prepare for our next disaster on an emotional, logistical, and environmental level

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