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Regardless of the level of impact you had from the storm, our members can assist with each recovery need working with individuals to move towards normalcy, and meet each person where they are. We will refer you to other agencies and partners aiding in long term recovery that can assist as appropriate, including but not limited to help with medical, mental health, building, food, housing, or spiritual needs.If you are in need of help! We are here to help you!

Steps to receive assistance:

  1. Anyone impacted should file a claim through their insurance

  2. Apply for assistance with FEMA

  3. If you have issues with insurance, or FEMA, consult with Legal aid at 833-242-3549

  4. Contact one of our partners to help you navigate the system if you are not already working with one.


Some people may already be working with someone from approved partners who can assist you in finding the resources and information that you need: Catholic Charities, Hope4NC, or Endeavors - and in that case, you already have an assigned case manager/crisis counselor and need to talk to your worker about getting additional assistance. If you do NOT have a partner agency, please contact us via email or call 910-663-1379 and we will link you to someone who will be in touch ASAP.


ALL persons requesting assistance with unmet needs must do so through the case management process. This is to ensure that we can link you to any resources already available in the community, and that we can maximize resources for the most vulnerable survivors, while preventing duplication in services and benefits. Anyone who contacts the PCLTRG asking for aid directly will be routed back through case management.


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